A quality harp starter package at a great price for the beginner harpist. var ThumbImageHeight = 290; The Chicago 40 is Lyon & Healy's smallest pedal harp. A removable scalloped bronze-finished crown and matching claw feet complement the classical appearance of the Prelude's graceful base and delicately fluted column. Returns: We want you to be completely satisfied with your instrument, no questions asked. Nylon strings, sugar strings and wires } 40-String Lever Harp (with Standard Pedal Harp Stringing). Custom options include Camac levers, decorative inlay, the Dusty Harp … Salvi Harps offers an unequalled sound quality, uses exclusive production technologies and counts on skilled and passionate craftsmen. With 5 complete octaves, the Troubadour VI has the same string spacing and tension as Lyon & Healy pedal harps… Price: $65 - $165. !0; Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Dusty Strings Boulevard (Preowned … google-site-verification=Ztwa3ZF6qSDEKDe0mLrqBtLSxGXru4EZvYU8FcHtHTY One of a kind 90th Anniversary edition. When talking about harps and cost, we first need to get one thing out of the way – these are expensive instruments. config.ShowCookieWarning = ! Price and other details may vary based on size and color. $567.90. config.FastCart = 1; Lever harp. }); Harp types. From what I've read in the past days, it seems like it's quite easy to end up buying a "less good" harp for this price, but there are still … Price: $27.50 per lever. This size affords the best combination of portability and comfort while playing, with a generous compass which is suitable for the vast majority of lever harp pieces. If you responded to the previous questions with a serious and earnest interest in pursuing musicianship, don’t settle for the cheapest harp … Designed with the performance artist in mind, this romantic classic features a solid spruce soundboard for a rich, warm tonal quality, Lyon & Healy's Performance Levers, and 40 strings ranging from 1st Octave E to 6th Octave A. You can click or tap on the image of any harp to see a high-resolution photograph of that harp in a separate window. Designed by Lyon & Healy, inspired by our city, the new Chicago harps – unmatched in value and sound. The harpist currently purchasing a lever harp should keep the Bounty Program in mind for the future. In the spirit of the modern skyline of their namesake, the Chicago harps have a neoclassical style and design. About 1% of these are Harmonica, 0% are Guitar, and 3% are Other Musical Instruments & Accessories. Alibaba.com offers 836 harp instrument prices products. Lyon & Healy Style 17. Lyon & Healy Troubadour VI (Available for order) $4,400.00. var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); The soundboard is decorated with a beautiful climbing vine and the mechanism features solid brass action plates. Hide Details. Compare Dusty Harps. Additional Loveland sharping levers installed. There are 2 stringing options available:-$3,050 with nylon-stringing through the 4th octave-$3,200 with nylon-stringing through 2nd octave and gut-stringing from the 3rd through the 5th. Make Offer. Over $500. Lever Harps 34 strings has become the standard compass for lever harps. Compare. buttonColor: "#f7f7f7", [CDATA[ loadQuickView(); 2 year limited warranty for new harps and 1 year limited warranty for previously rented harps. ShowImageZoomer = false; Second hand harps for Sale & Hire. // In the event of a return, you will be responsible for return freight to our Rowley, Massachusetts location. Also called folk harps or troubadour harps, lever harps are distinguished by the "lever" mechanism that lets you change the pitch of each string. $(document).ready(function() { It is possible to take exams at grade 8 level and beyond on a 34 string lever harp. Roosebeck Minstrel Harp 29-String Sheesham with Chelby Levers and Knotwork. The Ogden is fully levered with Performance levers. Classic lever harps by Lyon & Healy and Salvi are built with the string tension and string spacing that is standard for a pedal harp, so their harps make a good choice for someone who is likely to move on to pedal harp some day. I'm interested in a 29 string lever harp that isn't too pricey (around 500€). Compare. For Sale. Somewhere in there is a harp that is right for you. Shown in Ebony; also available in Mahogany and Natural Hide Details. The world’s best-selling lever harp, the Lyon & Healy Troubadour VI is the perfect instrument for both beginning and experienced harpists. $("body").ready(function() {acceptCookieUsage();}), All prices are in USD. xmlHttp.send('{"store_id":"547096","timezone_offset":"-4","timestamp":"2021-01-23T13:52:14.10960100Z","channel_id":1,"visit_id":"a2147b5d-991e-433c-babd-97f346f8942e"}'); Buy online - worldwide delivery. Lyon & Healy Ogden (available for order) $3,200.00. Compare sound clips, prices and features of Dusty Strings lever harps. Some of our Petite Pedal Harps are available in our Rowley, Massachusetts Harp Showroom and other instruments are stored in our Chicago Transit Terminal for immediate shipment. Email Laraine Claire for additional details or call (360) 775-9774.Listen to a recording of “Ascension”, an original piece recorded on this harp. Used Pedal Harps Used Lever Harps Harp Accessories Virginia Harp Center Virginia Showroom 14356 Sommerville Court Midlothian, VA 23113 804-378-3761 virginia@vaharpcenter.com Tuesday-Friday: … (260 Results) Price ($) Any price. 13 Harp’s Models Ranging from 22 to 40 strings, Worldwide distributors Copyright 2021 Atlanta Harp Center LLC. These are not like guitars or keyboards where you can find just a … }); Our full line of concert-grand, semi-grand and grand-petite pedal harps can be found on our Concert-Grand Pedal Harp Page or our Semi-Grand/Petite Pedal Harp Page. The Troubadour's brass eyelets and Sitka spruce soundboard help give it a clear, full sound. xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); buttonText: "Quick View", A wide variety of harp instrument prices … config.AppPath = ''; // BIG-8939: Deprecated, do not use. $250 to $500. xmlHttp.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json'); Comes fully levered. Choose Options. We also carry traditional "Celtic-style" lever harps that are described on our Celtic Harp Page. 70. BOUNTY PROGRAM. Color LED Lights (Installed): $250 (for lever harps), $400 (for pedal harp) Amplification There is the option to install a Fishman single-transducer pickup in your harp that will enable you to plug your harp … })(); Founded in 1864 in Chicago, Lyon & Healy Harps built its first pedal harp in 1889 and has become recognized around the world for its craftsmanship acquired through an internal apprenticeship … Our In Stock Inventory is listed towards the bottom of this page. Our selection of used lever harps and used pedal harps … config.ShopPath = 'https://atlantaharpcenter.com'; Collection of Lever Harp Strings Sets. Pedal harps can only be returned upon approval of the manufacturer and a 20% return fee will typically apply. Price: $425 Includes a dust cover and tuning key. 4.5 out of 5 stars 524. For beginners who prefer to start on a small pedal harp, our Student Pedal Harps (also called "petite" pedal harps that have 40 strings) are described below. The world's best-selling lever harp, the Lyon & Healy Troubadour V is the perfect instrument for both beginning and experienced harpists. 2 year limited warranty for new harps. $(document).on('SearchReload', function() { Additional harps may also be available at the Factory; The new Lyon & Healy Ogden has the string tension and spacing of a pedal harp, yet is sized for the smallest of students. Small lever harps, which will have 30 strings or less, can cost anywhere from $130 to more than $1,500. Custom. The easiest way for anyone to start an adventure as a harpist: choose from one of six “Start & Play” models with 25 to 40 strings and play! Pre-owned or used Harps of all types -- Lever Harps, Pedal Harps, Wire Harps, Celtic Harps, Irish Harps, Folk Harps -- great search capabilities from harp stores around the US and Canada Celtic … There are harps that fall in price ranges between $300 all the way to a whopping $189,000! Shown in Mahogany. To be eligible for return, the harp … Used Lever Harps Sort by: Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. Lyon & Healy or Salvi will apply the original purchase price of any Lyon & Healy or Salvi lever, Chicago Petite 40 or Daphne 40 pedal harp … Sitemap | Buy full strings set or individual string for Mikel harps or any celtic harp. The range includes harps for each investment choice: from … Lever harps. loadQuickView(); Alternate color choices. Asking price … Fitted with Performance levers. Harps for sale & hire, accessories, repairs & advice. The Roosebeck Pixie Harp has 19 DuPont hard nylon strings that range from F below Middle C to High C, and it has 19 sharpening levers. Beginner's guide to harps, general harp info, and specifics about how we build them. Includes a dust cover and tuning key. - Roosebeck Minstrel Harp 29-String Sheesham with Chelby Levers and Knotwork. function loadQuickView() { xmlHttp.send('{"initiator":{"id":"","session_id":"43d3e92a14a4e16b4305e337eeaabda50dd793be","type":"ANONYMOUS","visit_id":"a2147b5d-991e-433c-babd-97f346f8942e","visitor_id":"dfbae878-f585-4a6d-b7ee-8f9cf5e6f7a3"},"referer":{"url":""},"request":{"url":"https:\/\/atlantaharpcenter.com\/pre-owned-lever-harps\/"}}'); var BCData = {"csrf_token":"afe44bfa50ec09a93e4b51885097198dbdcc23092a10fac80a1a1f3df68ce5ae"}; xmlHttp.open('POST', 'https://awid9mr9fd.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/prod/nobot'); textColor: "#000000" Returns: We want you to be completely satisfied with your instrument, no questions asked. Under $25. $25 to $250. Hide Details. Shopping Cart Software by BigCommerce, Dusty Strings Boulevard (Preowned #20698), Dusty Strings FH36S - Bubinga (Consignment #5920), Dusty Strings FH36S - Natural Consignment #4399T, Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 (Consignment) #18157 - PENDING SALE, Limerick lever harp (Consignment) - PENDING SALE, Stoney End Double Strung Brittany (Consignment #8837) - PENDING SALE, Camac Melusine in Cherry (Consignment #T1227). A floor model level harp… Petite pedal harps have 40 strings as well as the traditional 7 pedals found on larger pedal harps. Quick View. Designed with the performance artist in mind, this romantic classic features a solid spruce soundboard for a … Harp Price Range. Custom-ordered harps may not be returnable, depending on the requirements of the factory; call us with specific questions about special order returns. Also available in Mahogany and Ebony. Includes a dust cover and a tuning key. Quick View. 40-String Lever Harp (with Standard Pedal Harp Stringing) New from $5,200*. This kind of harp is best for a beginner as they won't have to spend time re-tuning strings or making changes to their music because they have fewer strings than a piece calls for. To be eligible for return, the harp must be in the same condition as when we shipped it to you and it must be returned with all accessories such as tuning keys and books. Lever Harp Maker, classic and Celtic style harps at an affordable price. Some of our Classic Lever Harps are available in our Rowley, Massachusetts Harp Showroom and other instruments are stored in our Chicago Transit Terminal for immediate shipment.
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